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Retail Flags, Store Flags, Roof Top Flags,
Grand Opening Flags, Retail Shopping Flags

No Other Retail Flag or Banner Compares to Amazing Flags
for Grand Openings and Promotional Eve

From a merchant's standpoint, retail is an extremely competitive world. It is critically important to cut through the competitive marketplace with promotional tools that get noticed. Our large format advertising flags represent the most effective form of outdoor advertising available. They will capture the attention of anyone driving near your store, luring them right through your doorway. These Amazing Flags drive traffic to your location and immediately help boost your sales

Compare our Amazing Flags to any other brand on the market. In shear size alone, our flags dwarf the competition. What do you believe will capture more attention?...A standard 3x5 flag connected to an 8 ft aluminum pole and looks like everybody else's flag along the street. Or, a vibrant colored, High Impact Amazing Flag that stands 21 feet from the surface and dances with the wind in a way that demands your attention. The answer is obvious and that is why our customers around the country keep ordering more High Impact Flags from High Impact Products Worldwide.

Amazing Flags are also perfect for companies that need to display their brand, logo, and a specific message. Our in-house design team uses the latest Adobe Illustrator CS2 software and we provide complimentary creative design for your flags. We can incorporate anything you want on the flags and in full color. Remember, our unique canvas is over 40 inches wide and 16 feet tall, so the possibilities for creative design are limited only by our combined imaginations.

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