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Exclusive Flag Design System
For Our World-Famous Advertising Flags

Flag Design

Click image above to enter Our Exclusive Flag Design System

Select one of our standard flag patterns below to begin building your custom flag.  Once a pattern is selected, the next step in our Flag Design System is to "drag and drop" your color selections into the flag of your choice.  If you want your flag to include your logo and/or artwork of any kind, select the Custom Print Flag.  At that point, you will be prompted to upload your artwork file (preferably in .eps format) so we can begin the design process for your desired flags.  Once your flag is looking just the way you want (or you have uploaded the artwork for your custom flags – more information is further down this page about our custom printing capabilities), type in how many flags you need from that particular design and add it to your cart.  Keep repeating this process with other flag design selections until you’ve completed your order.  When you’re ready to check out, our system will guide you through our Order Form and a confirmation will be e-mailed to you.  We will then follow-up with a phone call and/or e-mail to help us review any important design details, prepare your final invoice and discuss payment options.  If you would rather complete our order form in writing and fax it to us, be our guest.  Click Here to view our type "fillable" pdf Order Form.  Once completed, you can save it to your computer, print the form and fax it to us.

Each selection below represents our world famous "Flexi-Flag" design.  Each flag is 16 feet tall, 3 1/2 feet wide and is carried by our exclusive 21 foot tall fiberglass telescopic flag pole.

Why Our Advertising Flags, Attention Flags and Message Flags are the Best

At High Impact Products Worldwide, our goal is to help you attract attention to your location with the industry's best product mix for outdoor advertising.  Every single time without exception, our customers experience significant increases in customer traffic immediately after our promotional products and advertising flags are installed. Not all flags are made the same and our high impact "Flexi-Flag" is truly one-of-a-kind. Compare FlagsOur Amazing Flags generate very unique eye-catching motions with even the slightest breeze. The movement of our flags is one of the features that set us apart from the competition. Some companies offer products known as Feather Flags and Flutter Flags.  Due to their inherent smaller size and curved shape, they are simply not capable of "grabbing the wind" and creating the type of captivating motion our flags generate. From over a mile away, our High Impact advertising flags will capture your attention and draw customers right to your door!  When fitted to our industry-leading 2 story tall fiberglass Telescopic Flagpole, known nationwide as the "Flexi-Pole", our super large high impact flags (16 feet high, 3 1/2 feet wide) transform into kinetic beacons...Customer magnets that instantly give dramatic and vibrant life to any location.

To fully appreciate the size advantage of our flags compared to other types of flags, see our Flag Comparison Page.

Years of experience and field testing have resulted in a flag system that is unparalleled in the industry. Our hand sewn "Flexi-Flags" are Made in the USA with super vibrant, SolarMax UV resistant Type 6,6 Dupont Nylon and the longest lasting color dyes. The heavy-duty stitching we employ on all the seams is so beyond industry norms, we consider it a trade secret.  Needless to say, you won’t find another flag anywhere that is constructed to last longer than ours. With our headquarters in Central Florida, we receive plenty of hot, humid weather, high winds, thunderstorms and even the occasional Hurricane. Our flags perform extremely well year-round in all kinds of extreme weather, from the "jungle-like" conditions found in Florida to the icy cold northern climates during winter.

Full Color Custom Printing

One of our specialties is producing full color custom printed flags. Incorporate your company's logo and promotional message on a flag 2 stories tall and you’ll immediately experience an increase in brand awareness, corporate visibility and additional sales.  Depending on the quantities needed and the color complexity of the artwork, we can utilize the most advanced digital color press in the world or proven screen printed processes. The custom print process is fast and simple...

1. Send us an E-mail with your logo/artwork (preferably in .eps format)
2. Our in-house creative team will design flag concepts and send them to you in pdf format
3. Review & request any modifications or approve the design we propose
4. Once you approve of the design, we will send it off to our printer for a quote
5. You receive the custom print quote for your desired unit quantities
6. Place your order with us and we ship the flag sets to you when printing is completed

Our design team can typically create your flag concepts same day and the entire design, concept approval and quote process usually only takes 1-2 days.

Pricing for custom printing depends on quantity purchased and complexity of design/colors used.

Appliqué Sewing for Custom Message Flags

Our in-house sewers are extremely talented and they're able to deliver some of the best appliqué work in the industry.  Our appliqué flags are incredibly well constructed and typically last longer than custom printed flags.  The end result is a flag that will resemble the brilliance of beautiful stained glass when lit up by outdoor daylight. Sometimes customers request appliqué flags when they desire large visible, high contrast letters running down vertically.  Examples would be "OPEN HOUSE", "NOW SELLING", "MODEL OPEN", etc.  Please contact us for details about turnaround times and pricing.


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