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The World’s Most Amazing 21 ft Tall Telescoping Fiberglass Flagpole Designed and Engineered by High Impact Products Worldwide

Manufactured Specifically For Our
High Impact Advertising Flags, Attention Flags,
Message Flags, Flexi-Flags, and Custom Printed Flags

Our Amazing "Flexi-Pole" is simply the best telescopic fiberglass flagpole you can buy. Over 7 years were spent in research and design, in addition to rigorous field testing, in order to engineer and produce this industry leading product. This heavy duty, incredibly strong flagpole, with the perfect balance of flex and strength, has been specifically designed for one sole purpose... to be used in concert with our Amazing "Flexi-Flag" in order to capture the attention of every potential customer that drives or walks within a mile of your location.

Don't be fooled by other competitors that simply take a telescopic fishing pole and try to modify its use for hanging a flag. You might be able to save a few dollars at the time you place your order, but it will undoubtedly cost you more money and headaches after the sale! Their poles will often times collapse or just break under weather and wind-related stress. Then, you'll be calling us to replace them. Other companies offer poles with hand-tightened sections that also tend to weaken over time due to UV, wind, temperature and other weather related exposures.  We can’t count the number of times we’ve been asked by customers to come out and replace these competitive products.  Just save yourself the time, money and aggravation by calling on us for your next flag kit purchase.

At over two stories tall, our telescopic "Flexi-Pole" towers over most anything you've ever tried before.  It only takes a couple minutes to extend and install one of our flagpoles.  It’s so easy, anybody can do it.  Each section is secured in place making it practically impossible for the flag to collapse, under any circumstances.  If you do need to break down and relocate the flag pole, don't worry. Our patent pending system with heavy duty aluminum collars make it so fast and easy to fully collapse the flagpole down.  And when all the sections are completely nested, this 21 ft tall flagpole shrinks down to only 48 inches, making it the most portable unit on the market.

From an engineering standpoint, our unique flag pole construction incorporates fiberglass that is far denser than other poles on the market.  For nearly 8 years, our company relentlessly performed R&D, design and engineering to manufacture this Amazing Flagpole.  If you think we are going to provide you, and our competition, with details and schematics on how we make our Flexi-Pole, you must be crazy.  We’ve worked way too long and hard to perfect this incredible product.  Coca-Cola has closely guarded their recipe from the very beginning and we have the same policy.  Our superior fiberglass density, solid core pole tops and trouble-free construction all work together to give our "Flexi-Pole" a distinct advantage over the competition when it comes to ease of installation, overall strength and flexibility.

Contact us today to learn more about our high impact "Flexi-Pole" and how it can be used to drive more traffic, and ultimately, more sales to your company.



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