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Fast Food Flags from High Impact Products Worldwide

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In this extremely competitive marketplace, fast food restaurants have one goal when it comes to promoting their location...Capture the attention of hungry people driving nearby. Fast food flags from High Impact Products Worldwide achieve this goal with ease, working 24/7 to drive maximum traffic to your dining room or drive-through window.

Our fast food flags are easy to install and built to last. If you prefer, High Impact Products Worldwide can install our flags for you or we can provide easy installation guides and personal phone support to your on-site crew.

Why Choose Our Fast Food Flags?
It's Simple: They Attract More Hungry Customers!

Install our Amazing Flags next to any flag used by other fast food restaurants and the difference is, well, amazing! From a size standpoint, our flag towers over the competition with a 16 foot tall flag that proudly waves on a 21 foot tall flag pole. At nearly 3 1/2 feet wide, our huge flags give you maximum space to draw attention and communicate your brand and message. The incredible impact our flags create versus standard-sized flags is clear to everyone. There simply is no comparison.

Look at 3' x 5' flags hung on metal poles at many other locations. The poles are usually leaning or bent due to winds and the flags are tiny compared to our Amazing Flags. Our strong and flexible fiberglass telescopic flag poles, matched with our huge high impact flags are designed to wave around and flex in windy conditions, providing both a captivating canvas for prospective customers and a durable, long-lasting flag for the demanding elements found at restaurant sites. They can also be installed easily on concrete or grass/mulch areas.

Our flag material is of the highest grade and is designed specifically for both durability, color retention, longevity and maximum motion. Our heavy-duty stitching goes beyond industry norms and will keep you flags looking great. For all custom printed flags, our staff offers free design services and our printing processes are world-class. Rest assured, you are getting the very best value for an Amazing Flag!

Our custom printed Fast Food Flags, to include logos like those shown on this web page, are offered with the understanding that the client is authorized to display the respective Trademark. Hi-resolution logos and other corporate images meant to be printed on our flags must be provided by the client. The individual fast food logos on this web page appear only to represent the industry as a whole and also signify that (with proper marketing and legal approvals) full color company logos can be incorporated into our custom printed flags.

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