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Welcome to High Impact Products Worldwide

One of our specialties is producing full color custom printed flags. Incorporate your company's logo and promotional message on a flag 2 stories tall and you’ll immediately experience an increase in brand awareness, corporate visibility and additional sales.  Depending on the quantities needed and the color complexity of the artwork, we can utilize the most advanced digital color press in the world or proven screen printed processes. The custom print process is fast and simple...

1. Send us an E-mail with your logo/artwork (preferably in .eps format)
2. Our in-house creative team will design flag concepts and send them to you in pdf format
3. Review & request any modifications or approve the design we propose
4. Once you approve of the design, we will send it off to our printer for a quote
5. You receive the custom print quote for your desired unit quantities
6. Place your order with us and we ship the flag sets to you when printing is completed

Our design team can typically create your flag concepts same day and the entire design, concept approval and quote process usually only takes 1-2 days.

Pricing for custom printing depends on quantity purchased and complexity of design/colors used.

Call 866-993-5247 or Email us at for pricing.



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