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With over seven years of R&D, product engineering, extensive field testing and proven results, we are proud to offer our exclusive line of promotional products, fiberglass telescopic flag poles and advertising flags – all designed to deliver the biggest bang for your hard-earned marketing dollars.

Get Noticed, Capture Your Customer’s Attention & Increase Sales

Companies from every industry and organization across the country, both public and private, all have a desire to get noticed. Our goal at High Impact Products Worldwide is to help you generate as much interest, visibility and customer traffic as possible to your location. Marketing professionals are constantly looking for creative ways to capture the attention of their prospective customers. No other form of outdoor advertising on your site performs better than our telescopic "Flexi-Pole" and "Flexi-Flag" products. It's impossible to fully appreciate the impact our flags have by the visual limitations of a website.  The minute you see our advertising flags installed, you will be amazed at how awesome they look 2 stories tall, in full motion and how effective they are at drawing people through your door.  Our customers have realized significant increases in customer traffic immediately after installing our high impact flag products... And you can too!  The first thing you notice from over a mile away is the unique flutter motion of our vibrant colored flags - even with the slightest amount of wind. Our Amazing Flag set literally captures your attention and the sheer size of our flags, at over 2 stories tall, dominate the landscape. Simply stated, no other flag set performs like an Amazing Flag. If you really want to make an impact and create a festive sense of excitement at your location, a series of "Flexi-Flags" will give you the most bang for your buck. Visit our Flags and Flag Poles website pages for all the important details on what sets us apart from the competition. In short, our Made in the USA flags are constructed from the highest quality material and built to last - even through severe weather conditions. Our fiberglass telescopic flag poles are unlike anything else on the market and represent the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. The unique and exclusive design also makes them very easy to setup, install, break down and transport. High Impact Flags are engineered to last and won't collapse over time like other competitive products. Lastly, our advertising flags just plain work! They truly deliver as promised! You will instantly love how incredible they look and perform. You will definitely not be disappointed and we're confident you will come back for more!

In Outdoor Advertising, Bigger is Better!

In shear size alone, our flags dwarf the competition. What do you believe will capture more attention? A small 3x5 flag connected to an 8 ft aluminum pole? What about a 8 or 10 foot Red, White & Blue message flag with Black lettering in the middle? Frankly, these "dated" flag designs look like everybody else's and simply blend in to their surroundings - providing very little lasting impact. Or, you can choose to get noticed with a set of High Impact Flags that truly stand out from all others and delivers real and measurable high impact results. A vibrant colored, Amazing Flag from High Impact Products stands 21 feet from the surface and dances with the wind in a way that demands your attention.  The answer is obvious and that is why our rapidly growing list of customers from around the country relies on High Impact Products Worldwide to increase brand visibility and resulting sales for their organizations.

More Cost Effective Than TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards, etc.

Calculate the cost of buying a set of radio spots.  Look at how much a TV ad costs in your market.  What about a billboard?  Don’t forget about Newspaper ads, magazine ads and even internet advertising.  Our 21 foot tall advertising flags not only cost a fraction of all these other options, but they last a lot longer too.  A TV or Radio spot is over in 60 seconds or less.  Newspaper and Magazine ads last anywhere from a day to 30 days max.  Internet ads are brief and sporadic at best.  Our High Impact advertising flags fly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for many months at a time – always working to capture the attention of potential customers driving near your locations.  You will simply get more performance and results from the dollars spent on our advertising flags than on any other form of advertising.  Our customers already know this and it explains why they keep coming back for more.

Customer Focused & Delivering The Highest Value

Most people want high quality products that are built to last and they want the prices to be fair and affordable.  We couldn’t agree more.  Our 2 story tall telescopic fiberglass flag poles have been designed, engineered and manufactured to be the best in the marketplace.  Simply stated, they will last longer and perform better than any other out there.  Period.  We offer the very best flags too.  When you factor in our long lasting UV-resistant flag material, industrial stitching methods or superior ink penetration printing processes, it all adds up to the best products you can buy.  High Impact Flag Kits are perfect for companies that need to display their brand, logo, and a specific message. Our in-house design team knows how to incorporate your logo and artwork in a way that will maximize the visibility of your company’s brand and message. We can incorporate anything you want on the flags and in full digital color. Remember, our unique canvas is 16 feet tall and 3 ½ feet wide, so the possibilities for creative design are limited only by our combined imaginations.

Compare FlagsIt's important to note that we aren’t just interested in selling products…We are focused on helping our customers succeed and forming mutually beneficial long-lasting business relationships.  Most of our direct contacts are business owners, executives and marketing professionals.  We listen to our customers, we uncover the challenges in their day-to-day activities and we create innovative ways to support them in their particular roles at work.  The Customer Account area on our website is one way we’ve invested our time and money to deliver more value to our customer base.  After logging in, our customers can manage their outdoor promotional activities across multiple sites like never before.  We’re providing vital real-time information with a simple click or two that may have taken days or was never available at all.  This is the perfect marketing tool, whether you manage one location or hundreds around the country. 

We also understand that time is money.  We make every effort to respond with the utmost speed and professionalism to all customer inquiries, quote requests, service requirements, and communications.  At any time, if you have suggestions on how we can improve our service or products, please contact us right away.  We truly value your feedback and input..

Our High Impact Flag Sets are Perfect for...

Tailgating for College & Pro Games - Grand Opening Promotions - Special Events
Trade Shows / Conventions - Amusement / Theme Parks - Roof-top Attractions
Advertising Flags / Message Flags - Corporate Sponsorships / Events - Sports
Arts Festivals / County Fairs - Racing Events - Model Homes - Open Houses
Churches - Collegiate Sports - Schools & Universities - Fund Raising Events



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